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released March 18, 2014

All songs written by Wild Bears Attack Elephants. Artwork by Beren Alexander.




Wild Bears Attack Elephants (And Hurt Them Badly) Michigan

We hope to revolutionize the animal-in-a-band-name sub-genre of garage rock. No elephants will be injured in this endeavor.

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Track Name: Otherwise
This is what I'm talking about
Always kicking and shoving and pushing down
Spinning concealing hiding the truth
Don't know why anybody listens to you
I can't hear a word that you say
Get off your knees wash the blood from your teeth
Today is as good as any day
To wash, wash yourself clean

And I don't know how many times I have to say
How many times do I have to say defend the oppressed
Plead the case of the fatherless
Plead the case of the wido

Otherwise we might see
Otherwise we might hear
Otherwise we might understand
And we might turn and be healed
Until the cities lie in ruin
Until all of the fields are destroyed
Until everyone is sent far away
And all that remain are laid to waste
Track Name: Keeai
I saw a boy standing, standing in his driveway
Standing, standing with his baseball glove
Another glove was sitting, sitting on the ground
Empty, waiting for his Dad to come home

But he’s working lte
Cause he’s selling his life by the hour
Putting food on the table
And fancy cars in the garage
He’s putting clothes on their backs
With a colorful noose
Hanging around his neck

I saw a man sitting, sitting in his office
Wondering wondering how he got there
He used to be a young boy sitting and waiting
Waiting, waiting for his Dad to come home
Now pictures of his family are hanging on the walls
The gray gray walls of his cubicle
The hours really drag but the years fly by
And every day he wonders if they

Jumped off the train
Could they survive the fall
If they tucked and rolled just right
They could get up and walk away somewhere new
An alarm clock goes off
And he wakes up
Time to do it all again
Track Name: For You
There’s some things you ought to know
The sky is up, the ground’s below
but you can’t fly, and I won’t help you

Understand I’d like to learn
A little more but I’m not sure
Just who to ask when no one has the

We made you in the dark
But one day you won’t trust in us anymore
When everything we told you seems a lie

It’s true

If peace is bad, then war is good
Some die too young, there’re some that should
It makes no sense, but no one said it had

There’s just one thing that’s sure
We are the cause, we have the cure
But who’s to say if this will make it

You came out from the dark
Now you can not believe in us anymore
Why would we bring you into such a life

For you

Can you be everything I wanted to be
Can you be everything that I couldn’t be
Can you see everything I wanted to see
Can you be everything that I couldn’t be
Track Name: We Are Running Around
We are running around we are running around
What we are building up will be torn down
One informs the other then the other then they pass it around
Don’t think build it up then it gets torn down

This all seems ordinary
We sleep confident in our security

Justify defend as we cover our eyes
To all the killing and the pain we’re desensitized
Leaders of the world stay the course and we believe the lies
March and march and keep good time watching our brothers die

And on and on it goes like this
If you want to fast forward to the end
I’m going to write a letter
To my sons and daughters tell them

You don’t have to march
To their rhythm you can march out of time
Just listen to the love and peace in your heart