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Friends of Bears Volume 1:
oh no by Alchemists Anonymous is the inaugural release of solo albums by friends and collaborators of Wild Bears Attack Elephants.

Music and lyrics by Robert Bretzlaff

Artwork by Yasuko Shiraishi and Collin James, inspired by the drawings of Peyo, with images courtesy Per Johansson, stargazer.at, and NASA Goddard Photo and Video


released September 28, 2012

Directed, engineered, and produced by Collin James, a true alchemist.
Thanks to my family, friends, friends of my family, and families of my friends.




Wild Bears Attack Elephants (And Hurt Them Badly) Michigan

We hope to revolutionize the animal-in-a-band-name sub-genre of garage rock. No elephants will be injured in this endeavor.

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Track Name: Wake Up
Once upon a time
When I lost my mind
I was born again
Well, I'm bored again
And again, but then again, it never ends
And I feel so…
I don't know (i don't know)
I don't know
We're all so...
Land of the free
Home of the brave
And there's no better place
To be a slave, so just behave and don't complain
From 9 to 5
You're not alive
Wake up!
Wake up!
You never get to do
What you want to do
You never have the time
And then you die

Infinity is big but it can be small
But it's all the same when you've seen it all
I've seen the wall, I've seen it fall, I've seen it all

And I feel so...
I don't know (i don't know)
I don't know
I need to...
Wake up, wake up, wake up
Wake up!
Track Name: Hemorrhoid Problems on the Nishi-Otsu
I wish I didn't say what I said to you back then
I just wanna go back to when you were still my friend
So I will never say what I said to you again
I just fell apart at the start instead of the end
You just break my heart like it's an art instead of a sin

And I don't know, no I don't know,
what's wrong, oh what the hell is wrong with me

I went outside and tried to hide
Then I saw a UFO... Oh no
I went back inside and I cried
'Cause there's nowhere left to go
I live today to die another day
And in the end it's all the same
And there is a God, the world is flat
If you believed in this then you believed in that
And in the end its all the same
In the end there is no end
In the end there is no end... Oh no
Track Name: Enlightenment from Cow Shit
We're all one, it will never end
Infinity on both sides of our skin
Am I dreaming when I breathe in?
Reality is not my friend
Oh no, here we go

I'm feeling fetal this afternoon
and I kinda wanna blow up the moon
I'm feeling like I'm in the womb
Or maybe it's just my tomb
Too much tripping, it's lost it's fun
But once you start you're never done
You can't go back once you're here
I've lost my hope and I've lost my fear

Oh no, here we go

I'm losing my body, I'm losing my soul
I've lost my mind and I've lost control
And you're so sure that you're so pure
That I'm diseased and there's no cure

'Cause I don't see wrong or right
No, I can't see black or white
'Cause I only live in shades of gray
So I can't feel a word you say
And I've been stuck here for so long
And still I feel I don't belong
You can't go back once you're here
I've lost my hope and I've lost my fear

Oh no, here we go

I'm losing my body, I'm losing my soul
I've lost my mind and I've lost control
'Cause all you see and all you feel
You'll never know what's for real
Track Name: Party Kids
The kid smelled like Bacardi
He fucked like a whore
His whole life was a party
He couldn't ask for anything more, and that's for sure
He had a girlfriend, she was a bitch
And they both slept around
And one day he grew an itch
And it all came down
They got in a fight
He called her a "psycho slut"
As they screamed into the night
She shot him in his beer gut
She shot him 'til he was dead
Then she dragged him to the lake
It's where they first had sex
She killed herself to ease the pain

Yeah the party still went on
Yeah the party still went on
And all those party party kids
They partied 'til the break of dawn

Is that so wrong?
Track Name: Snooze
Holy shit, what time is it?
And how long have I been out of it?
Yin and yang, big crunch then bang
If there's a purpose I hope I find it
But I'm absent-minded and I don't mind it

Yes or no, or maybe so
I hope I get to know before it's time to go
Tick or tock, I hate the clock
Another sleepless night to end a pointless day

If things were alright then I'd feel okay
But they always fight when I just want to play
If they were alright then I'd be okay
But it's like this every fucking day

Oh no